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Forstner Drill Bit Sets

The Connecticut Valley Manufacturing Company (Convalco) is manufacturing Forstner drill bits. Convalco’s Forstner drill bit are the closest wood boring bits on the market to the original forstner bit developed 120 years ago. Convalco Forstner Bits are designed with more weight than most other forstner bits which allows them to be run at higher speeds. Because they are heavier the heat from prolonged use is dispersed causing less burning of material. Made from solid steel and then hand sharpened these drill bits have a distinct advantage over die cast wood boring bits. Re-sharpening facility is available thereby ensuring longer life. These forstner bits are guided by their circular rim instead of their center, and consequently will bore any arc of a circle and can be guided in any direction regardless of wood grain or knots. It bores a true flat bottom hole, with very little dimple. Convalco Forstner drill bits are overall professional quality wood boring bits, which deliver longer and more accurate cutting time.

The versatility and precision of Forstner drill bits is well known by professional woodworkers. These smaller length bits are made of high-carbon tool steel for dependable service. Unique center spur and circular rim bores side grain, end grain, on angles, or through knots without deflection. Double cutting edges leave flat bottom holes and smooth sides for precision work on solid stock, veneers or laminates. Forstner drill bit sets are an exceptional value for the hobbyist or occasional user. Sets include a wooden box to keep bits organized and protected. Bits are made of high-carbon tool steel and come in 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", and 1" diameter.

Titanium 16pc Forstener Drill Bit Set :Forstner: Tools
Titanium 16pc Forstener Drill Bit Set :Forstner: Tools
arrow Precision holes
arrow Heat treated steel
arrow Great for woodworking
MLCS 9146 Forstner 16-Piece Bit Set in Wooden Box
MLCS 9146 Forstner 16-Piece Bit Set in Wooden Box
arrow Quality steel bits
arrow Wooden box included
arrow Saw teeth design
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