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Drill Bit Accessories

Drill bits are used to drill small holes in wood and metal. Some are only used on wood, while special types allow for masonry, tile, marble and stainless-steel drilling. Among the accessories for drill bits are: Auger Bits, Core Bits, Coring Rig Accessories, Drill & Drive Bit Sets, Drill Chucks & Keys, Drill Press Bits, Hammer Drill Bits, Rotary Hammer Bits, Specialty Drill Accessories.

Some standard drill bit accessories are,

Drill kits with polishing pad, wire-wheel brush, paint mixer, wheel arbor.

Drill stands that convert electric drill to bench motor so that work piece can be brought to the drill for more precise operation.

Drill-guide attachment that ensures accuracy, automatic depth adjustment and prevents slipping.

Power screwdriver sets, socket sets for variable speed drills, rotary files for filing and grinding metal, and grinding wheels.

Wood bit extenders and a variety of wood boring bits.

Drill stop collar that attaches to a drill bit to prevent the bit from going further than desired.

Special bits such as high-speed twist drills that come individually and in sets, and step drills

Auger bits are used to avoid splintering, and forstner bits are used to prevent the drill from following the grain.

Spade bits have a flat end used for drilling up to 2" holes in wood.

Hole saws cut wood, plastic, plaster and light metals. A circle and wheel cutter has a cutting blade attached to a horizontal arm, which allows for holes up to 7" in diameter.

Chuck keys are often sold as a spare in case one is lost.

Chuck adapter allow quick changing of hex shank drill bits. The adapter is keyless and attaches to standard chucks on electric and cordless drills.

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